Friday, November 18, 2011

Where can I buy my girlfriend a used louis vuitton bag?

I'm not looking for new since they are way to expensive, not to sound cheap but I don't want to spend over thousand bucks on a bag, her birthday is coming up and I know she has been wanting a louis vuitton since last year. Any suggestions on where I could find one that is used and not too beat up? I would like to be able to order it online.|||You should check out some of your local pawn shops. I have seen a lot of nice purses at pawn shops. Plus, the fact that you can haggle with them to get a better price, or at the least tell them "out the door" which means they will take off the tax.|||I think you should get her a new Coach bag instead of a used Louis Vuitton. New is just better. I put a few suggestions below, since you didn't put a price range I varied it.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Good Luck!!|||um yeah right like your girlfriend would like a used purse. get a job and buy her a new one. if you go to ebay then you will most likely get a used, torn up fake. sorry but its the truth.|||Check here:;;tag=funjok-20%26amp;linkCode=ur2%26amp;camp=1789%26amp;creative=9325

You will find what you like!

Good luck!|||

or the offical louis vuitton website look for sales and clearance! There's also other brands try coach or prada.

Hope I answered your question! :)|||why dont yew just buy her jewelry or a cute shirt? or sumthing why a USED bag|||well. coach bags are really in style way more then louis veuton.

and there about 150- 400 so ya my boyfriend got me a coach purse|||eBay|||try to look for an outlet mall around your area. you never know you might find the bag that you can afford.||||||GO TO EBAY!!!

good luck : )|||when you do it ebay!

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