Friday, November 18, 2011

How do you know if Louis Vuitton purses off Ebay are real or fake?

I am considering ordering a Louis Vuitton bag off Ebay.

I have no experience with Ebay so could you please help me out?

What are some ways to know if it's real or fake based simply off of the one picture that you can look at and the not very detailed description?|||I'm a professional ebay shopper haha so I'll give you some really good tips that have always worked for me.....If you're ordering a Louis Vuitton item you'll want to look at the sellers feedback. If they have 0 feedback I would walk away no matter how great the deal looks. A ton of scammers will post a LV item on ebay with a 0 feedback score meaning that is their 1st and probably last item they will post on ebay. Another hint of a fake or scam is there are no pics except for 1 pic that looks like a stock photo.

Sometimes too a seller with a high feedback score may of gotten a LV bag as a gift and it was fake but they have no idea because they arent a stylish person and really have no common sense that the bag;s fake. I suggest going into a Louis Vuitton store and getting an up close look at the actual authentic bag, this way you'll have a good sense of what an authentic one looks like and spend time studying the ebay pics for the auction you're interested in.

Finally, don't be fooled by a country. Just because the bag is from Japan or China doesn't mean it's fake. There are a bunch of ebay stores on ebay that are overseas and have wonderful authentic bags for great prices. If you see a bag you like take a look at the other items they for sale and the prior feedback. After a while you'll be able to spot a real LV bag very easily.|||They should specify if its real and if you were to buy it and they specify its real you should take it to an expert to make sure, I have been buying from ebay for several years and I have never had a problem, I even sell on ebay.

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