Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can a Louis Vuitton Abesses bag be worn across the body not just over the shoulder?

I am looking at buying a Louis Vuitton Abbesses bag and I want to know if the strap is long enough to wear it across the body like a school bag.|||yeah, and it looks really nice, too. =D


http://www.gumtree.com/posting_images/73鈥?/a>|||yes of course! if paris hilton wears them all the time y cant u? ur a person with a sense of style :)|||www.wholesaler-handbag.com have Louis Vuitton Abbesses bag, maybe you will like it !|||Sounds good. :-)|||yes! that looks way better than just over the shoulder.

How long do Louis Vuitton bags usually last?

I just bought my first Louis Vuitton bag yesterday! I just want to know how long they typically last before it's time to get another! I bought the Tivoli style bag, which is very versatile, casual, but classy looking. How long have you had your louis?!|||If you take good care of it and only take it to a professional leather cleaner, it should last several decades.|||It should last about a lifetime like for real unless you like run over it with your car or something really extreme lol.

How much is a Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull bough in China?

Anyone can give me a full price list of brand name purses bought in china?

Brands I would like to know include:

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Michael Kors, Marc Jacob, Balenciaga, Hermes and anything you got.

Thank you very much.|||try ioffer or ebay or bluefly or smartbargain or main site|||1) Chinese prices are always higher

2) Some buy fakes so the pricing will be skewed.

Where can I find good quality fake Louis Vuitton hangbags or luggage, in Torrance or south bay area?

I need to find a good quality fake louis vuitton handbag or luggage piece , in the south bay area or in the city of Torrance, When you tell me the answers please be very specific, and also, please dont tell me ebay, because im not looking to go on ebay, thank you, Please help!!!!!|||ioffer.com because the quality is not bad, and you can nogetiate the price with them


How to spot fake Louis Vuitton receipts?

Is there a way to spot a fake Louis Vuitton receipts? If so, how would you know it's fake?|||I think it is very difficult. Receipts my look different in different countries stores. Check if the paper is receipt paper or normal print paper. InkJet/Laser is the easier to fake then thermal printouts as many don't have such a printer at home. You can also ask for a payment record, if it was paid by card.

Safest way is to bring the item of desire to a store and let the staff have a look at it.

To buy LV online is a very high risk, I guess 98% of offers are fakes.|||Hi - sorry this is the one area of LV authentication that I don't know that well. receipts are the easiest thing to fake - you can actually buy a computer program that will make them for you.

The best advice is to just ignore the receipt all together and have the bag authenticated on a forum such as effen haute or purse forum.|||no

How to identify authentic louis vuitton idylle?

I bought a Louis Vuitton from a friend in ITALY. I received it today, how can I tell if its authentic?|||the price...|||Not even employees get a disount on bags - especially not on such wanted bags as the Idylle.

One place to go to get bags authenticated is the Effen Haute Forum - take a few pics pf the bag and put them in the 'authenticate this' thread in the LV forum

How to straighten / flatten Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag?

I have a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 handbag which has been in the cupboard for some time. Now I want to use it again, but the leather is a bit creased. Does anyone know a way to flatten or straighten the leather again?|||By leather i assume you mean the canvas? Speedy only has leather trim.If this is the case you can stuff the bag with pillowcases and give it a couple of days the creases will come out. It is the same when you purchase the bag brand new it has these creases but through everyday use they will come out!|||I have the same bag as you and when I got it and took it out it had those creases from the start. If you go on 'the purse forum' alot of people will be saying after using the bag the creases willl come out, But its gonna take a while. This is totally normal and will happen to you millions of times. Just use the bag and the creases wil come right out.|||On Ebay, if you search for "louis vuitton base shaper" you can find pieces that will reshape the bottom of your bag and that will then give support to the sides which will reshape your bag. They should cost $15-20. Good Luck!|||pull it into shape and let it sit for a while. guessing.