Friday, November 18, 2011

How wealthy do you have to be to own Louis Vuitton?

How rich do you have to be to have like more than 4+ BIG Louis Vuitton bags? Not those small ones.

Is it for the middle class? Or the upper class?

And I'm asking this strictly on a financial basis. I know money cannot buy you class.|||Pinky - you can't get 'discounts' on LV - they don't ever have sales.

But you can buy used.

It's mostly for the upper class but upper middle aswell.

You;d have to have a good amount of money to be able to afford LV and not have to use credit to buy it. (or mommy and daddy have to help you.)

I'm only upper-middle and I have some - I get the more expensive bags on ebay for great deals (summer is the best) or used from friends. The only stuff I buy from the boutique is small stuff - and that's special treats =)

But I'm also 33 - married with 2 incomes and my school loans are paid off.|||You could be living on the streets and have a ton of Louis Vuitton bags. It bothers me how you can tell if someone can't afford those bags yet they're carrying them around. You know them personally and it's like "HOW did you afford that?"

Most people get them at Second-hand shops.|||Um I have 11 Louis Vuitton items and I'm not rich. I've charged them, my bf put in some money, my aunt gave me 1, my mom bought me 1 for my birth day, bought one on I also worked at Louis Vuitton for a year and bought 3 discounted. It's just like any expensive item in life that you want. save or charge it! The speedy 30 which is a large bag goes for $690. So they are affordable.||| have to be quite wealthy! Bags are about 7.00 dollers for a SMALL bag!! So the big ones range from about 1,000-2500 dollars|||You don't have them full price. You can go at places like "" and they offer discount.s

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