Friday, November 18, 2011

Louis Vuitton??

I really like Louis Vuitton purses, but a lot of people in my area have them. Should I buy one anyway or go with a different designer? (Probably Chanel or Prada, maybe Gucci)...|||Gosh Louis is great!! Depending on weather or not you like to stand out in a crowd, is how you should base your decision.

Burberry has some awesome stuff and if your familiar with good old Medusa then you know all about Versace. Prada is awesome, but try Kate Spade or a Dooney. Fendi makes some really cute bags too!!

Just decide weather you like to blend in with the crowd or stand out and pop! You'll get more attention and comments on something unique too!|||as far as price, your best bet is to go with Louis Vuitton, there prices are more reasonable than CHANEL. my mother purchased their luggage $3,000 for a carry-on!

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|||Try something new! Be a trendsetter! Chanel purses are best! They are really cute, go with everything, and are practically every lasting.|||who cares|||Well I have a couple of Louis Vuitton's myself and I love them. Go Louis! If a lot of other people have them then I would go with either Prada, Coach, Dior, or Juicy Couture.|||Louis Vuitton holds its value - at any age.

The other brands always go on sale at the start of next seasons line.|||if you like it and have enough money for it then you should get it|||go with whatever you like.|||i would go with a different one. i have a gucci bag but i won't bring it to school because it cost a lot of money. buy coach, prada, burberry, or gucci. good luck!|||If you like them and have the money I say go ahead! I love Louis Vuitton, too! I have one and I am so happy I did. I have a multicolor and it is so beautiful!|||Go with what you like no matter who has it.

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