Friday, November 18, 2011

How can I tell which of my Louis Vuitton bags will retain the most value in the future?

Louis Vuitton bags will always be a classic, but I want to know how I can tell which ones will retain it's value, or even increase in value in the future. Examples would be : limited edition...and if so...which models specifically?

(I am trying to clear out the closet)

Thanks in advance!|||Most Louis Vuitton bags retain their value if kept in excellent condition.

Limited Edition and Special Order pieces retain or exceed their retail price if sold.

If you look on eBay, you will find Monogram Canvas pieces that are several years old, but kept in excellent condition, selling for near retail price.

The only pieces that I have found that truly do not retain their value are the pieces from the Suhali line. Though this line is expensive, the pieces sell for significantly less than retail.

Any LE piece is a good investment, there are too many to list - Most retain their value, many exceed it.|||Look on something like Ebay and see what similar LV bags are going for|||I don't think there is ever a way to predict which bags will retain value the best. If you have a bag that has been discontinued, the value increases (but we have no way of knowing if that is going to happen to one of our bags) I think that the limited editions are always going to retain their value...especially the VERY limited editions or highly coveted ones.|||Hi Mii Mii

All Louis Vuitton handbags will retain there value and actually go up in value as time goes by, of course they are good condition this will also help. Limited editions will go up value more so. Currently Thedas are considered collector items and bags with the cherry blossom design are also more valuable.

If you are ever looking to purchase a gently used Authentic Louis Vuitton handbag I recommend this site I have been a customer for many years and they always exceed my expectations.

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