Monday, November 14, 2011

How can I authenticate a Louis Vuitton Bag?

Have a Louis Vuitton Bag I was given, I need to authenticate before I sell it to buy presents because I'm broke. It's got the numbers %26amp; inscriptions %26amp; I think it's for real, but how do you make sure so you can represent it as real? Any Idea how I check it for sure? It has a number of M51148, most of those are canvas lined but this is leather lined. It's a Murakami design I think, black background multi colored. Any help would be appreciated.|||There are sites who will authenticate designer items on line for free. You have to send pictures or an auction number. You can also call the company to ask if the number is correct, but they don't usually like to verify authenticity or the lack of it, because they want you to buy from them.

That number is of a cabas piano, they were never multi colored, and they were always canvas lined.

I'm sorry, you've got a fake, but they can be made as good as originals %26amp; often are, so you may have a high quality bag anyway. If it's got crooked stitching cheap materials %26amp; hardware, it's a cheap dog crap fake.

ebay has a guide, but according to their guide that's not a real number, but it is, their guide is WRONG|||For a small fee you can have a bag authenticated from sites like You need very good detailed pictures to send. I very much doubt it's real. Sorry. Based on lining, and the number you have listed is an item number but not a date code which is what would be inside the bag on a tab or embossed in the lining, depending on the style. You can send pics to me and I can just tell you for sure either way too. Or check eBay's LV guides, search 'how to tell if Vuitton authentic' etc... and you can come up with some great online explanation pages for authenticity, with pictures and all.

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